Friday, January 9, 2015

Chapter Three - The Wedding and Marriage Preparation

The Big Day is nearing. My legally married wife and I are finishing each and every tasks for our Church wedding on 17th January 2015. (It is a requirement in our Church to legally marry before the wedding)

I can't remember when we started the planning for the wedding but it is a blessed plan. From the day we have attended the Catholic Marriage Preparation Course we were always building trust and closing the gaps between us. These acts have bond us much stronger that we realised that the blessings of God are always there in our relationship.

When I informed my intention to marry to my parish priest, he gave me a guidance booklet to prepare the wedding booklet. From there, as my wife and I were going through the bible readings for the wedding service, we read the text from 1 Cor 13: 1-8. The last phrase touched both of us. At that moment we understood God's role in our relationship because He was the one that always has kept both of us together against every obstacles and pains. With much of honour, acknowledgement, praises and gratitude, we have decided to put His act on us as the wedding theme and that is "Love Never Fails" (ref: 1Cor 13: 8)

From the time we have selected the theme, we are building our life to be Christ centered. We always know that we are very much afar from achieving it but nevertheless we have decided not to forget that God shall be always the center of our marriage and family life.

During the preparation, there were many obstructions and discouragements that have led us to some dry moments but because we never stopped communicating even in an argument and therefore we were able to discover each other more and more. Whenever we are in a church, we will be sitting in front of the blessed sacrament and pray. We infact little by little have stopped asking and started giving thanks in our prayers to the Lord. We always end our prayers with one Lord's prayer, three Hail Mary and complete them with 'Glory Be'.

Trust in God more than yourselves. Nothing is greater than Him. The world will put it's conditions to give you that temporary comfort, but it will fail eventually. God never fails. His love never fails.

May the Lord bless you and give you peace. Amen.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Chapter Two - What is Happening is Happening in Good Way

Continuing from the Chapter One, our journey from the first meet developed to second meeting, third, fourth and planning some outings and now we are getting married.

Through these two years journey and exploring what we want as an individual and as a couple, situations never been all time comfortable. I am so proud to say that we fought, we told to the other that we wanted to break-up, we stopped talking with each other for somedays, we scolded each other and doubting each other's love. From all those we learnt to respect each other and made some decisions as a couple. And the best thing is we experienced wonderful feelings of missing each other and loving each other after every arguments and fight.

Love relationship is never so different from how is our relationship with God. In both, decision to love is the key to continuation.

In our relationship, the little things we did to the other are the greatest gifts we gave and received. I can't forget my first kiss, the warmth of her body when I hug her, her childlike and annoying attitude, the way she finds comfort under my arms when she felt hurt, the way she appreciated and boasted to her friends when I bought her some gifts, the way she laughed at my jokes although it is not very funny, the happiness we share when we went out together, the way we forgetten the world around us and only thought about us, the proud feelings that we felt when making decisions as a couple, when we complimented each other, when we encouraged each other and many more.

We are now in the midst of planning our wedding and we very much know that there are more to discover about each other and us. The confidence that we have on this marriage was not imposed or inspired by another person or couple or situation but we grew this confidence by fostering us to narrow our gaps. It is easy to break-up and to find a new partner but it is not easy to go back to our partner that has challenged us and say, "Hi". Unless by acceptance (coping), love cannot succeed.

If you believe in love and wanted to be loved, always accept that what has happened, is happening and will happen has been, is and will be happening in good way.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Deciding - Wisely? Or Smartly?

When making a decision, we are always taught or atleast warned to make a wise decision. Most of the time we try to make a smart decision.

Smart decision is self-centered. It could be for self, for the family, for the company, for the friends, for the politic party, for the country and even for God, but there main reason behind a smart decision is for self's benefit. When making a smart decision, we will get appraisals in the manner of monetary or loyalty or fear or people less bother us or many other self benefits where the list can go on.

When wise decision is made, there is no assurance that we will get appraisal. Sometimes people even can describe us as stupid. When a decision is made wisely, a fair judgement is made in conjuction.

For example when making wise decision in marrying a person, we see all the downfall of that person yet deciding to marry that person because we faithfully believe in God is the center of the marriage and we can cope. If smart decision is made, marrying a difficult person is a no because our life will be more complicated then. When making wise decision in promoting a person, we see his/hers credibility. If smart decision is made, we see the appraisal from the smart move by promoting a credible person.

Wise decision is made with wisdom. God made wise decision and that is why He created human. He knew humankind will betray Him but He also knew human will learn His greatest gift. Love. If God ever made a smart decision, we will not be alive because truly we are destroying the world, the masterpiece of God.

I pray that we, brothers and sisters and including myself, make wise decisions in every moment of our life. I pray that may God blesses us with His wisdom.


Monday, March 11, 2013

Chapter One - Love at First Sight

It was on evening  May 27, 2012 at Cathedral of St John, Kuala Lumpur that I met her for the first time in-person. Before this we met in an online dating website and then facebook and she invited me to meet on the mentioned day via facebook message.

So we went to the evening Sunday Eucharistc Celebration at the cathedral. I am not sure where she is sitting and so i just told my self not to look for her yet and concentrate on the celebration.

After the mass is over, I waited a while at the entrance and I started to feel akward, so I decided to walk around the cathedral for a while to think if I am making the right move. I was nervous and have not prepared any introduction words expect for the common word, "Hi" and she phone-called me. The first sentence i heard from her with her timid and nervous voice, "Errmm... Where are you?" And I responded her that I am at the cathedral and to wait for me at the entrance. I can't remember how I said them but I know that my sentences are not properly arranged and I had to repeat certain words for her to understand what I am saying.

At the entrance I saw her holding a roll of poster. She is a simple looking person. No make-up. Dark skin but not too dark. Wearing an eye-glasses like mine and put on a a grey colour sweater and carrying a bag. She was not the girl of my dream but I felt that I really really wanted to know her more. I felt that I am attracted to her because she presented herself so naturally without any makeup and yet she still wanted to blind date.

So I went near her and as I thought my first word is "Hi" and she replied the same too. Then she asked me, "You came here alone?" I was very nervous that time that I did not hear what she asked me that I had to reply, "Huh? What you were saying?". Then for sometime there was some akward moment with silent and at that time I asked her if we can go to a 'mamak shop' for some cups of tea and she agreed.

So, we walked down from the cathedral which is actually built on a hill to a President Corner Bistro. We sat facing each other and took an order for cups of tea with milk and the other without milk. Deep in my heart, I am saying to myself I must break the akwardness and start with a warm conversation and guess what, it did happen. I could suddenly start a casual conversation with her, saying where I am staying, my family, about my involvement in church's activities, my hobbies and bla bla bla.... I am pretty sure that we sat there for almost and hour and most of the talking done by me. Nervous at first but I got comfortable with her as the conversation prolong.

During the conversation, she gave the poster to me. It is the picture of Mary, the Mother of Universe. I told her that in my house we have a lot of holy pictures and posters and one of the waiter saw the picture and asked us, "Are you church goers?" I immediatedly asked him, "Are you a Catholic?". And he said, "Yes". So I asked her if I can give the waiter the poster and she agreed and I gave the poster to the waiter. After a while we decided to leave. We paid the bill and we walked back uphill as it started to drizzle.

We walked to a junction and said goodbye. I asked her if I could drop her at her house but she politely refused my offer. She walked to the nearest LRT station and I crossed the road to go to my car parked at cathedral but once I crossed the road, I stole a moment to look at her from far. I already in love with her but I was not sure if a relationship could happen since we never arranged a second date. But..... This story has a continuation....

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Okay Mah.. Both Same Price Mah

Just what happened today reminded me of my past of the same kind of happenings. So what did really has happened today?

I was in Petaling Jaya New Town at afternoon doing a case study for a Car Park Design proposal for Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya (Town Council of Petaling Jaya). The weather was very hot and so decided to buy a cold drink in a coffee shop and I entered a shop nearest to the Standard Chartered Bank.

The menus are readily placed on the tables. I sat down at one and took the order card and the pencil, while looking for the right choice of cold drink and I spotted the item number 804 which is Honeydew Fresh Juice. To save some paper since I have only one item to order, I put back the order card in a box of empty order cards on the table and called the waitress. She looks late 30s, maybe early 40s. She was dressed smartly and not at all looks like a worker. I'm much convinced that she must be one of the owner because she is a Chinese lady at her late 30s.

I told her my order and she said to me, "Tulis dalam paper" (In direct translation 'Write in paper'). What she meant was to write my order on an order card. Then I replied her, "But it is just one item." But she gave me a look like I am some kind of noob, so I wrote down '804' at drink column.

After a while, she served me with a drink, supposed to be my order, but it was Watermelon Juice. Before I could tell her that that is not what I ordered, she already walked away to serve other customers. So I waited for her without touching the drink, thinking that this might be other's order but by mistaken given to me. Then she realised that I am just sitting at the table without drinking or anything else, so she turned and looked at me and I was looking at her. I called her and told that I ordered item 804 which is Honeydew Fresh Juice, but she tried to convince me that the served drink is Honeydew Fresh Juice.

She went to the counter to see what is my actual order was and realizing that she gave me the wrong order, she negotiated with me with something that I never thought of that she would say. "Okay mah... Both same price mah..."

I was like, "What?! Same price but not the same taste" 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pray For Your Relationship

Once when I read an article at They listed some points of positive signs of how two person could click to each other.

1. The other person keeps the momentum going
2. The other person knows the value of a phone call
3. This person pays attention to details

So basically, if one of the two unfailingly keep the momentum going, communicate and giving attention, the relationship would be successful. So coming to the norm of my style asking question after reading any article, "Really meh?"

I have done all these to my previous crush but they never worked out.

The only way I see that a relationship could click is adding to these 'must do' things, the 'must must do' thing will be 'Pray for the relationship'. What else could be greater than God's blessing?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Zhongguo Xinnian Kuaile

Reaching the particular days soon, I know I know but I won’t be blogging about Zhongguo Xinnian on the days. For those of you who doesn’t understand what is ‘Zhongguo Xinnian’, Zhongguo means Chinese also China, and Xinnian means New Year, and Kuaile completes the greeting ‘Happy Chinese New Year’. Kuaile is Happy in greeting. Okay. I maybe wrong since I’m very amateur in Chinese.

Back to my school days when I was in Standard One, my first Chinese friend, Chindian actually, Dinesh Hong. And my first enemy in the same class eventually became friend, Gan Chun Bee. I was competing with Dinesh in studies when I was in Primary school. I do not know whether he has noticed that before. Dinesh mostly faired better than me in test and exams and we always end up at top five in them. Gan Chun Bee although has spoiled my stationeries and sometime steal them too, it is because of him I got 100% in my English Final Test during Standard One. That naughty guy eventually became a prefect in school. Anyhow we are not in touch now but I still remember them. Hope we would be bumped into each other one day.

The first Chinese woman that I had crush on is my English teacher in Standard Six. Haha. I don’t remember her name. She was a petite with glasses and thin. Can’t talk much about her. Teacher. Must RESPECT!!.

And the first Chinese child who became so close to me, Phoebe Ng. I like children but who don’t. She is very adorable to many because she has a gut to approach and talk to anyone no matter what is their age, but she is also a shy person sometimes. Everytime I takes her picture, she will give me a look like she wanted to bash my face. But I am guy that likes to take candid shots. I would say that her parents are really blessed and she is blessed with a wonderful mother. I do not about her father because I have never met him but he must be a wonderful man too. I am hoping to see her growing up into a beautiful woman one day. Things might change in time. People might move or migrate.

In New Year, new resolutions, new hope, new commitment, new dream occurs and some are still to be continued. No matter what, Chinese community has been always giving a wonderful environment during the season. The colour of red and gold, the oranges, the series of songs in television, the good back to back movies, and not forgetting the fire-crackers and lion dance. That’s the time that we get bonuses from employer to be given away as ang-paus. Note that. “ANG-PAU”. So when I come to your house this New Year, ehem, please give me your bonus in Ang-pau packet.

Have a Prosperous New Year everybody. GONG XI FA CHAI!!!.

If my sentences are like clumsy bear, please pardon me because I couldn't concentrate with my typing since I'm having a severe pain on my right shoulder. Thank you